Two time Big V’s MVP – Colleen Planeta signs with the MAC Adelaide Lightning


MAC Adelaide Lightning have secured their second import position to two-time Big V’s MVP player Colleen Planeta. She’s played for Hume City in Victoria for the past 3 years. Originally from the US, Planeta played in college at Point Loma Nazarene in San Diego, California. She averaged 22.9 ppg at 58%. She’s played professionally in Greece (Eunikos), Portugal (Barcelos) and Germany (TV Saarlouis Royals).

Planeta who is 27 and 188cm says that she is excited about the opportunity to play in Adelaide. “I visited for a day last year and it was enough to know that I could enjoy it there. It is much quieter than what I am used to in Melbourne but reminds me more of home. I am from a quiet suburb outside of Phoenix, Arizona where traffic or parking are never really an issue. I still haven’t gotten used to it here.

“This is the first summer I will have had in the last three years, one of the small perks that influenced my decision to stay. And I love the beach. I’ve heard Adelaide has some beautiful ones too, so I’m excited to test those out when we have some free time.” Planeta commented.

Coach Chris Lucas expressed that he is really impressed with Colleen, “I really think she is going to surprise the league. She’s a terrific shooter from the perimeter, a high-quality person that we need for this first year.

“She’s been playing in the big V in Victoria for 3 years with the same club and been loyal to the club. She was going to retire, go home and become a coach, but she is sticking around. We are very pleased to have her on board.”

Planeta commented about Coach Chris, “I am excited to learn under Chris. I eventually want to end up coaching and I could tell from just a few brief conversations that he has a lot of knowledge to give. His track record speaks volumes, as well. I’m always happy to improve, and I think he is just the coach to ensure that I do.”

“Basketball has been so good to me. I have been able to travel the world and make friends all over the place. Those are experiences I’ll never forget. I love that it’s not just a game of athleticism, but one of skill and reason. If you can play with intent, playing not only to your own strengths, but to those of your teammates, or figuring out the weaknesses of your opponents, you can be successful. And there is nothing better than a competitive atmosphere. “

Planeta joins other teammates Hodges, Logic, Good, and Ciabattoni.

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