Kelsey’s Pick Up Game

Two Bendigo primary students brought a very special show and tell with them to school last week.

Annabel, 10, and her eight-year-old brother, Tom, couldn’t understand why their mum, Kathryn, was taking so long to get in the car to take them to school last Thursday.

What they didn’t know was Kathryn had successfully bid on a very special auction item at the Bendigo Bank Spirit’s recent Sunday Funday — having two-time WNBL Grand Final MVP Kelsey Griffin drive her kids to school.

“I decided not to tell Annabel and Tom until she turned up,” Kathryn said.

“I wanted it to be a surprise because they had asked me if we had won the silent auction numerous times.

“Annabel knew I was keeping something from her and kept pestering me. On the morning, Annabel was wondering why we weren’t on our way to school as I’m pretty tight on time in the mornings.

“Then Kelsey showed up! At first, Annabel looked confused but then it dawned on her. Tom was totally excited as soon as he saw her, but went a little shy.”

Annabel quickly forgave her mum for keeping her in the dark.

“First I was like, ‘what is Kelsey doing here?’ Then I realised this had been mum’s secret. Then I said ‘hi’ and I was grinning a lot. I was really excited that she was at my house,” she said.

“Everyone was staring at us when we were walking to class. All the kids thought it was really cool. I felt really special.

“I was really excited when she came into my class and I showed her my desk. She sat next to me for a bit. I gave mum a big hug and said ‘thank you’ when she picked us up.

“The best bit was walking into school from the car. I felt really special and Kelsey was so nice and chatty.”

Tom also thought the whole experience was “cool”.

“It was cool how she took us to class. I was thinking I was lucky and she was really chatty to us. I thought it was really cool,” Tom said.

“The first thing I said was’ come in’! I was excited as I really like the Spirit and didn’t think she would be here to take us to school. I really liked the car, as it had all the Spirit signs on it.

“I liked it when we parked the car and mum took photos. When we were walking in, everyone was looking at us. Then we had to go office and have photos with the principal.

“I was really happy all day and when mum picked us up, I was really happy.  We talked about how cool it had been and how nice Kelsey is.”

Kathryn said both Annabel and Tom are big Spirit fans, and won’t forget that day in a hurry.

“They loved the whole thing, from start to finish,” she said.

“Kelsey was great with the children and was really friendly.  All the ladies are fantastic ambassadors for Bendigo and for Kelsey to take the time to do this sort of thing is so special to the young fans in our community.”

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