Analysing Video w/Warren Brown


Many moons ago, coaching staffs across all sport codes consisted of one staff member: the head coach. Not anymore. The list of tools and resources for coaches is ever-expanding, and digital video analysis has become such a key resource that the Jayco Rangers will be taking on a new coaching assistant for the 2016/17 season, Warren Brown.

Joining the Rangers as Video Analyst, Warren will assist head coach Larissa Anderson and her team with breaking down each week’s game tape, pointing out the league’s trends and the key factors to each game’s result. We talked with Warren Brown about his role and what got him interested in using video analysis to help with the development of players and teams:

Dandenong Basketball: What does your role as Video Analyst for the Jayco Rangers consist of?

Warren Brown: Creating video training sessions to help coaches to review players, video and code the season’s games and scout teams we play the next week.

DB: What got you interested in using video to develop and understand basketball strategies?

WB: Working with Tom Maher, Michele Timms and Gary Fox at Bulleen where I first recorded and live coded games. Michele was able to come up to the video area every week and I gave her the game all broken down footage to review before her weekday training sessions.

DB: What major trends do you see in women’s basketball from the tape?

WB: I was recently at the EURO15 championships with Great Britain as their Performance Analyst saw a lot more use of on-ball screens to get ball carriers wide open shots.

DB: Which Ranger do you feel is a bit underrated when reviewing tape?

WB: Aimie Clydesdale has improved significantly but injury held her back last season. Then you have the veteran smarts of Jacinta Kennedy who has great experience of the game to help all players on the court.

DB: What do you see being some of the biggest factors in the upcoming WNBL season based off your analysis?

WB: With some new Head Coaches and three teams with 2nd year Head coaches, it will be interesting to see how players buy into these coaches ideas of the game. And of course, injuries and overall team health will be a big factor at the end of the season.

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