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The Jayco Rangers off court team continues to take shape ahead of the 2016/17 WNBL season with the addition of key staff.

Physiotherapist Amanda Berntsen, along with Strength and Conditioning Coach Domenic Trimboli will once again be part of our Jayco Rangers WNBL Program. Also assisting the team in 2016-17 will be former AFL Footballer Trent Hotton and his company Team Effect.

Jayco Rangers Head Coach Larissa Anderson is thrilled to have Mandy, Dom and Trent back at the Rangers. “All three of them are extremely well regarded in their fields and have a special history with our staff, players and club”, said Anderson. “They all bring great credibility to the program and will play a big part in helping to make our team the best it can be”.

Amanda is the current principal at Amanda Bernsten Physiotherapy, with 25 years of Physio experience, including 16 years as a Sports Physiotherapist. Her career has seen her spend time at the AIS, 4 years with the Australian Opals who won Gold at the Commonwealth Games and World Championships in 2006, the Southern Dragons and the Victorian Giants when they competed in the NBL, as well as stints in Russia as a consultant to Ekaterinburg and Spartak Women’s Basketball teams.

Dom was Strength and Conditioning consultant for the Jayco Rangers last championship win in 2012. His work history is vast with over 25 years experience in the health industry. He has worked privately for some of Australia’s elite athletes across a broad spectrum of sports as well as various Melbourne based AFL clubs over the past 15 years. Most recently, Dom was the assistant strength and conditioning coach of Melbourne Victory FC. Anyone who has been under the instruction of Dom has identified his expertise and detailed approach to rehabilitation and specialist strength and conditioning. He is also a highly credentialed and experienced Clinical Pilates instructor.

Trent Hotton played 78 games of AFL Football with Collingwood (1994-1996) and Carlton (2000-2002) and post-football has been working for Leading Teams, developing high performance teams and leaders and since 2010 has branched out on his own to set up Team Effect, assisting sporting teams to maximise their performance through professional training and coaching consultancy. Trent works with the New Zealand Breakers in the NBL and has so for almost 10 years and has been a consultant to the Australian Boomers for the last 4 years.


(LtoR) Amanda Bernsten, Domenic Trimboli & Trent Hotton

AMANDA BERNSTEN writes for us.

I first started looking after Rangers girls who went through the AIS programs from 1992-2001 and who were Basketball Australia representatives with the Gems, Sapphires and Opals World Championship programs in 1997, 2001, 2003, 2005, 2006 and 2007…and Commonwealth Games Gold Medallists in 2006 and Beijing Olympic Silver Medallists in 2008.

The very first player I treated in a Rangers uniform was Jessica Bibby back in 2001. She would travel over one hour to come to me for treatments.

Through my involvement with Mark Wright in the Sapphires program from 2002-2003, I then became involved in the Dandenong program.

I helped look after many Dandenong teams with Rosie Molloy, and under Gary Fox watched the Club enjoy much success, including 2 WNBL championships with Gary in the early 2000’s.

One of the highlights for me with this Club was helping Kathleen Macleod and Jenna O’Hea under Mark Wright. Having known Mark for such a long time, watching him take Dandenong to a WNBL championship after several years away from the Club was an amazing experience. I thank Mark for the support he has shown me over the years. He has always had confidence in me as a Physio and I thank him for the opportunities he has given me with the Dandenong Rangers. Through Mark I have also developed a long association with Gerry Ryan having treated his wife and family for many years.

Mark got me back involved with the Club in an Official capacity several seasons ago when Penny Taylor came back on board at the Rangers. I have developed a wonderful friendship with Penny having first treated her as a 14 year old with the Gems program. Over the last 15 years I have not only treated many amazing Ranger players but also their families.

Some champion past players that hold a special place in my heart are Jess Bibby, Sam Richards, Penny Taylor, Kathleen Macleod, Emily McInerny, Caitlin Ryan, Carly Wilson and Jacinta Kennedy. I have had a very long association with these girls and their families. They are all truly beautiful people.

One thing I have loved and appreciated about Dandenong is the family atmosphere and support at the Club. The list of families that I have treated is extensive, the Richards, the McInernys, the Wrights, the Ryans (Gerry and Charles), the Taylors, the Wilsons, the Macleods, the O’Heas, the Hamiltons (and Kennedys) the Cavanaghs (and Andersons) the Brogans, the list goes on.

I have in fact treated most of the coaches too. Mark and Gary in the past and all the present coaches, Larissa, James, Michelle (Broges) and the amazing Kristin Veal.

Not only have I watched many of the talented Dandenong Juniors mature into champion players but I have also watched them celebrate their 18ths, their 21sts, their Weddings (Jacinta and Josh, Kathleen and Marcus) and their introduction into motherhood Jacinta Kennedy, Sam Richards and Kathleen Macleod.

I was very honoured to help Charles Ryan in his last year of life. Charles was an amazing man. I developed a wonderful connection with him whilst treating him. He did such amazing things for this Club and I hold him in the highest regard. He was also a wonderful support to me over the years at Dandenong. His passing was an extremely large loss to his lovely family and this Club.

Now, it’s a new generation of players for this Club and the team is lead by a wonderful and extremely talented Coach Larissa Anderson.

I have know Larissa for over 10 years, not only was she an outstanding player but she has developed into an extremely insightful, capable and savvy coach who knows the game and her players so well.

I have a huge amount of respect for Larissa, she works tirelessly to help make this team the best that they can be, she is relentless and passionate, she is selfless, respectful, genuine, caring, and a wonderful human being. She has great integrity and is a wonderful communicator. She is truly a remarkable woman, coach and mother.

I am honoured that Larissa has invited me to be a part of her 2016/17 team. I will work tirelessly just like her to help this team, this very special club, to another WNBL Championship.

I also thank Jacinta Kennedy and Trish Fallon for the support they have shown me in getting me appointed as team Physio this season.

I am looking forward to my involvement with this wonderful Dandenong family yet again, and I bring with me my beautiful son, Harry, to help enjoy the atmosphere, the success, the friendships, the camaraderie and the wonderful support that this Club offers to all that are involved in its WNBL program.

Go Rangers! Let the games begin!

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