Rangers Semi Final Recap


The Jayco Rangers held homecourt and grabbed a 1-0 lead in the WNBL Semi Final series on Saturday night, defeating the Perth Lynx 73-66.

The Rangers looked to be cruising to victory over Perth as they headed into the final term, having led by as much as 25 points thanks to the hot shooting of Steph Cumming (25 points on 10-14). However, the Lynx finished the game with a 26-12 final term, sending a scare through all of Ranger Nation and forcing Dandenong to clamp down and defend their lead.

Aside from Cumming, Natalie Novosel came up big for Dandenong as she scored 15 points off the bench, including a dagger three-pointer midway through the fourth quarter that halted a 7-0 run from the Lynx. Sara Blicavs also added 11 points and eight rebounds while Aimie Clydesale combined seven boards and five assists with three points.

For the Lynx, Sami Whitcomb collected 24 points and 13 rebounds while Ruth Hamblin (15 points, seven rebounds) and Tessa Lavey (11 points) were instrumental in the fight-back.

Both teams will now look ahead to Friday night’s clash in Perth, with a loss for the Lynx eliminating them from the playoffs and catapulting the Rangers to the Grand Final series. If Perth do manage the defeat the Rangers we will then host the decider here at Dandenong on Sunday, in what will be an historic Game 3 matchup.

Never thought we’d say this but we hope we don’t have to see you on Sunday Rangers! Good luck in Perth, we know you’ll do us proud!!!


WNBL Semi Final – Game 2
Jayco Rangers @ Perth Lynx
Tip Off – 9:30PM*
Bendats Basketball Centre

*Melbourne time

WNBL Semi Final – Game 3 (if needed)
Jayco Rangers vs. Perth Lynx
Tip Off – 3:00PM
Dandenong Stadium

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