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January 2016


Ify Ibekwe was granted compassionate leave after round 11 to return home, due to her father’s illness. Head Coach Shane Heal didn’t hesitate with his decision to allow her to have time with her family.

Ibekwe arrived back in town earlier this week and is feeling fresh and ready to play this weekend against Canberra Capitals.

“It feels great to be back with the SEQ team, I know me leaving put the team in a tough position, but I really thank Shane and the club for letting me take that time to go home.” Said Ibekwe.

Heal wanted to build the SEQ Club around family values, which has been proven. Heal stated he would never deny a player returning home for a family emergency like Ify’s situation.

“Shane is building his teams culture on integrity and family wholeness, and I believe that’s why he allowed me to go home, and I’m beyond grateful for that.” Said Ibekwe.

With the WNBL’s decision to retract the compassionate replacement of Jacinta Monroe, the Stars were left an import short for two games.

“I missed two games but the team held their own, especially against Townsville. I’m really proud of the girls and the hard work they have been putting in.”

As the team looks to take on the Canberra Capitals at 7pm on Saturday 23rd January, Ibekwe is keen to get back out their with her teammates and make a push for playoff contention.

“I really believe in each player and I believe we can go all the way.”

Photo courtesy of SEQ Basketball.

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