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The Melbourne Boomers are aware of the photo and appearance of player Alice Kunek taken at the team’s post-season celebrations on Sunday. The club is completely satisfied that Alice did not mean any malice whatsoever, she was dressed as her favourite singer and did not think of any offence that may be taken by her appearance. She is extremely apologetic and remorseful that her actions have been upsetting to some people and she quickly apologised publicly.

We are also aware of the hurt this has caused Elizabeth Cambage, a valuable past player with the Boomers. Both Alice and the club are apologetic and all steps are being made to advise Elizabeth that this was an error in judgement. As a family club the Boomers’ number one priority is to assist, guide and support all its players; we are now doing so with Alice.

The Club understands the reaction to the photo and is working with Alice and Basketball Australia to ensure that the general public is aware of Alice’s sincere remorse. We have personally spoken with Alice and she is understandably very upset, but she will learn from the incident and be a wiser person for it.

Alice is a valuable and popular role model for the Boomers, always giving of her time to everyone in the community and is held in the highest regard by all supporters. She is often the last to leave the stadium after a game, signing autographs and taking photos with fans for up to an hour after the final buzzer.

The club will review its processes surrounding education to players on sensitive social issues and work to maintain our already high standards of community and fan engagement.

Regards, Justin Nelson, General Manager.

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