One on One with Tahlia Tupaea


We caught up with Flames star Tahlia Tupaea for a one on one Q&A ahead of this weekends clash against Melbourne Boomers…

Full Name? Tahlia Tupaea

Date of Birth? 1 June 1997

Where were you born? Penrith, NSW.

Where do you call home? Penrith.

What is the name of the first basketball team you played for? Glenmore Park Basketball Team.

Other than basketball, what is your favourite sport to play? Tennis.

Other than basketball, what is your favourite sport to watch? I love Rugby Union.

Is there any sport you don’t like? Cricket.

What sport do you wish you could play and play well? Tennis!

Do you prefer swimming or skiing? Swimming for sure.

How do you feel about extreme sports? I’m not that excited by it.

Do you follow one particular team in the WNBA?  I really enjoy watching it casually but I don’t follow one team in particular.

Do you follow any particular team in the NBA? Yes, Chicago Bulls.

Who is your sporting hero? Richie McCaw (current test captain of New Zealand All Blacks).

Who is your non-sporting hero? My mum.

How do you prepare for a game? Listen to music, rest and relax.

What is the first thing you want to do after a game? Recovery – jump into an ice bath.

What is your favourite piece of gym equipment or training exercise? Squats.

What is your least favourite piece of gym equipment or training exercise? Chin ups!

What is the most rewarding part of being an elite athlete? Being able to play with and also against the best people in the league, and basketball more generally.

What is the most difficult part of being an elite athlete? Time management for sure. I’m currently finishing my HSC so it can be difficult to find balance between studying and training.

As a player, what is your biggest strength? Definitely my body type. Being strong and tough really helps on the court.

What has been the highlight of your sporting career? Winning bronze at both the U19s 2013 and 2015 Junior World Championships for Australia.

What would you still like to achieve? Winning a WNBL Competition with the Flames!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Still playing basketball. Playing in the WNBA would be incredible.

What is your one favourite thing about basketball? The team sport aspect. I love playing in a team.

You’re in the middle of completing your HSC Exams – how are you going? Not too bad – I’m trying not to stress. I’m looking forward to finishing on 4 November!

How are you feeling about this weekends game against the Melbourne Boomers? Really excited. We need to make sure we execute well like we did against Canberra. Strong defence will ensure a flow into solid offence. It will be good to return to Brydens Stadium and play in front of a home crowd.


You can catch Brydens Sydney Uni Flames host the Melbourne Boomers this Saturday on 24 October at Brydens Stadium at 7:00pm. Tickets available at the door or online here

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