Amy Abroad| Touchdown in Townsville


JCU Townsville Fire import Amy Kame is the two-time reigning champions special guest columnist for the 2016/17 WNBL season.  

Over the next six months, the Colorado native will take you behind the scenes of the Fire as we chase a championship three-peat!


Hello Fire fans,

My first write-up is a little late to the game…so I wanted to fill you in on the person behind the blog, as well as my highlight in Townsville thus far.

Jumping back to September, when I stepped off the plane in Townsville, not only was I excited to be part of the Fire, but it was probably the most sun I’d seen in more than two years as I had been through four consecutive winters.

I’ve been in Townsville six weeks – and I’ve already gone through about a bottle of sunscreen per week – which still didn’t prevent me from getting my first sunburn, and after two weeks, I am still recovering.

The weather has been beautiful, and living at Quest Townsville on Eyre – only a short walk from The Strand – is convenient and ideal.

Caption: I’m sorry I didn’t know who Saprkie was but I do now.

Although, I have yet to be in the water.

From jellyfish, to sharks and crocs, I don’t think I need another excuse.

My rule is, if I can’t see my feet, I’m probably in too deep.

Anyway, September was here and gone before we knew it.

We are all happy pre-season is over and that games have started.

Sitting 2-0 right now, it’s nice to see how our team has come together through pre-season fitness testing, trainings, and weight sessions, and how it’s translated into a couple of early wins.

Hopefully that continues on the road this week!

Caption: In my defence, it was blowing a gale on The Strand, we were being shot by nerf guns (which you can’t really see in the video) and there’s no way that ring is regulation height. I promise you I really can shoot!

My pre-season highlight

There have been BBQ’s, movie nights, (also continuous movie quoting) our pre-season Community Camp in Mackay, excursions to Maggie Island, but this moment surpassed them all.

The girls probably knew this was coming, but…ARMY DAY!

Yes, something including jogging, lunges and sit-ups- all while carrying a log – was my highlight of pre-season.

SGT Dale Gormann seemed to gain a lot of enjoyment from making us run, and fixing our squat form.

We learned early, Dale was not there to mess around.

It was more than just the obstacle course, although if I could climb ropes every day I probably would.

It was what we learned as a team from that day, and how every challenge couldn’t have been completed without each other.

On that note, shout out to Chevvy and Mic, who were sore for another week from lifting all of us over the wall.

Thanks Fire fans!

Don’t forget to stop in next week to hear about our first road trip to Dandenong and Sydney for two huge games.

Amy Kame

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