Domestic and Family Violence Day of Action

Domestic Violence

The JCU Townsville Fire will lend its support to Domestic and Family Violence Day of Action by marching with community leaders as a show of solidarity.

Commencing at Townsville Bulletin Square, Fire leaders Suzy Batkovic and Micaela Cocks will participate in the march to Townsville City Council’s Forecourt to demonstrate that domestic violence is not acceptable under any circumstances.

The walk will commence at 11am and will conclude at midday.

Earlier this year, the Fire teamed up with the North Queensland Cowboys – the reigning NRL champions – and the North Queensland Women’s Legal Service to launch a local awareness campaign to ‘Tackle Domestic Violence’.

As part of the campaign, the Fire and the Cowboys are asking the community to support the work of NQWLS – a not-for-profit organisation – which last year assisted 4,350 women across the region – two thirds of who were affected by domestic violence.

Director of North Queensland Women’s Legal Service Anne Lewis said around one in four Australian children are living with violence in their home and the impact of this can have many unfortunate consequences for these young lives, stretching years into their future.

“We are thrilled to be working with the Cowboys and the Fire for this campaign,” Ms Lewis said.

“High profile sports players are community role models and can help us get our message out there in ways we could not do by ourselves.”

The North Queensland Women’s Legal Service provides information, referrals and free legal help for people affected by domestic violence.

They can be contacted on 1800 244 504 FREE.

Donations to North Queensland Women’s Legal Service can be made via their website or by texting the word “Homesafe” to 0437 371 371.

Donations over $2 are tax deductible.

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