Netball champs use Fire as inspiration


The Queensland Firebirds’ championship winning captain, Laura Geitz, has conceded they drew inspiration from the JCU Townsville Fire in order to win back-to-back ANZ Championships.

Earlier this year, the Fire successfully defended their WNBL title, while the Firebirds followed suit after their double overtime win against the NSW Swifts.

Speaking in Townsville today at the Queensland Country Health Fund Stay Confident. Be Healthy. Luncheon, Geitz said Firebirds coach Roselee Jencke had used their WNBL counterparts to spur them towards their own title defence.

“At the beginning of pre-season last year our coach, Roselee Jencke, brought us in and said we had to draw some inspiration from the Townsville Fire for the season that lay ahead,” Geitz said.

“And she had done a fair bit of research on them to tell us they were the first women’s Queensland team to go back-to-back and obviously that’s what we had our sights set on and we had to do the same thing as well.

“It’s fantastic for the state of Queensland to provide two very successful women’s sporting teams.”

Fire stars Darcee Garbin, Mia Murray and Kayla Standish were on hand today to hear Geitz address a leadership luncheon thanks to QCHF.

With the Fire poised to tackle Perth in a Grand Final replay tomorrow, the championship winner said the team was looking forward to returning to their home base.

“We’ve played them so many times, we know them so well, that we’ve got a really good scout on them (and probably vice-versa),” Garbin said.

“We know they love to shoot early shots, lots of threes, and they crash the boards really hard so I think if we can control the tempo and get a hand out to their shots and force them off the three-point line we’ll be in good shape.”

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